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1999 Designer, freelancer | 2003 Teacher for technology and design | 2005 Director, in kayak club, as volunteer | 2009 Trainer for IT and Social Media, social services community project | 2013 Social Media Professional Master Course | 2015 Master in Marketing | 2015 Social Media Community Manager at Arista | 2015 Marketing Consultant | 2015 CMO at startup


Consultant/ Trainer for social media personal management and enhancement.





I’m graduated in Accounting and Administration. During 18 years my professional activity was being responsible of the Financial Department of a multinational company in Portugal. I also was in charge of human resources and treasury. My team had 5 members. I was also involved in several development of projects in the most various contexts. For that company I also help new staff do the integration into the cultural context of the company, and was an internal trainer for workshops related with accounting and finances. I’m a certified Official Accounting and also a professional trainer.


As professional trainer and certified Accounting, I’m in contact with several people of all ages and certainly I will mentor and coach staff. In that mission, I will transmit the advantages and potential benefits of a good online reputation, and make they be aware of the potential risks. I will teach, guide and motivate them. I consider social media and digital network a very good tool, but need to be used with careful.




From a young age I devoted myself to integrating several civic, social and cultural groups of the town. I graduated in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Oporto and I have developed my professional activity in the financial and taxation areas (I am a certified Official Accounts Technician), having worked in the fields of vocational training and business consulting, as well as in the development of projects in the most various contexts. I worked for several years as a teacher and as a professional trainer. I have also worked in public schools, for many years with non-formal education processes and I have a post-graduation in Adult Learning and Local Development.


With the rise on the use of digital media both among adolescents and adults, I am certain that, as a teacher, I am perfectly capaple of transmiting the advantages of the potential benefits of social media use and, simultaneously, make their users aware of the potential risks. I can contribute with articles and software reviews.






I graduate in Social Education from the Higher School of Education of Paula Frassinetti. I have also a post-graduation in Adult Learning and Local Development.In Açores, I developed a social and educational project with children aged between 5 and 12 years. I also worked at public library and internet club.


As a social educator and used to dealing with new people I think I have everything to integrate this Social Media Project. I can contribute to the prevention and call attention among young people about the good and bad of social media with different types of activities.






Professional Experience: Social worker in local council of Alpendorada, Social worker in local council of Guifões (Matosinhos), Social worker in School of Alpendorada, Social worker in Community Project (CLDS- Caerus MCN) | Academic Education: Master in service management (2015), Degree in Social Work (2007)


Trainer and mentor for unemployed people with low social/education skills and social vulnerability.






At 19 I went to the University of the Azores to study Literature Language Portuguese French. I worked as a teacher of Portuguese and French in public schools. Later, I worked in national, multinational companies, embassies and language institutes with young, unemployed and foreigners. I work in professional training in the field of languages and accompany young people and adults in rehabilitation.


I am a teacher and work with young people, adults and unemployed and I think I can help my students in job search, information research and development of knowledge.





CV I have a degree in social services since 2007 and I have a Post Graduation degree in Special Education since 2011. Before working as a social worker, I worked in several areas that made me grow as a professional.
I work, as a social worker, in a local council of Penafiel since 2014.

Contribution Being a social worker involves helping and guiding unemployed people. Furthermore, I support individuals and families with needs and difficulties who have social vulnerability.




Pedro Guedes CV

My name is Pedro Guedes and I live in Penafiel (Oporto). I have Graphic Design Professional Qualification and since early age I have developed various art projects with focus in photography, video and music. At the moment i´m finishing Multimedia Design degree. I´m curious and always researching in most various areas, always driven by the necessity of knowledge about the world around me with focus in personal and social behaviour.
I´ve worked in Creative Agencies around Oporto and normally collaborate with Social Art Associations and Group´s.


I think the best way to bring the knowledge to masses is exposing the source material in the web, so every body can be included. So I can help to accomplish a website to bring the concept´s we learn to the masses.