b.1) Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social network for photo sharing where users can share their own pictures with their contacts or with all the Instagram users.

Signing up for this social network is free and users can share pictures by using a hashtag.

Hashtag is formed by a hash character placed in front of a word and works as a folder where all the users’ pictures that inlcude this word in their description are collected.

For instance, if we searched hashtag #colosseo on the social netwok, we would be directed to the folder that collect all the pictures that have been taken at the Colosseo and that have this hashtag in their description.

This application was created in 2010 and and the first version was only available for Iphone; in 2012 a new version for Android was created and in 2013 the application was also available for Windsows Phone.

This network is also used by many companies to promote their own business for free (i.e, restaurants, clothes shops, etc.) by publishing pictures related to their activities and advertising their poducts by using hastag in order to reach specific users’ categories. A ver useful service to promote their work.


b.2)  Flickr

Flickr is a photo social network. There are two ways to sign up for Flickr: the first one is a free registration with some restrictions for photo publication and the second one is registration by paying a fee that entitle users to have more space.

The way Flickr is used has been changing a lot over the years; it was initially created to host users’ pictures that would be later published on other webistes. Then, it got very popular during blog “era” and later on it turned into a virtual community once forums and thematic groups became popular.

The main advantage of Flickr is managing and organizing a big amount of photos that are taken by using several devices (smartphone, digital cameras, webcam), indexing them with keywords, tags and places where the poictures are taken.

Flickr allow users to make their photos private public and provides a content filtering control for photos that are potentially obscene and controversial.

Users can evaluate and rate photos as “safe”, “restricted” or “censured”.


b.3)  Slideshare

Slideshare is a platform for sharing pdf presentations and powerpoint. Like many other social networks, it allows to index files with keywords and tags. All users can view, upload to the platform and share on the web slides and professional presnetations.

Registering is very easy and all users can upload up to 20mb files.

On the homepage we can find the most popular powerpoint selection. Besides, is it also possible to have acess to the materials that have been uploaded till now and that deal with very different topics: finance, fashion, univertisites, politics, new tecnhologies, social media, etc.


b.4)  Youtube

Youtube is a web platform created in 2005 that allows people to share and watch videos on the web.

It is the 3rd most visited website in the world, after Google and Facebook.

It is not necessary to have an account to watch videos on Youtube; but only registered users can upload, comment and vote videos.

Signing up is very easy: open the homepage, click on “Create an account” button, enter an e-mail and user name, some personal datas and accept privacy policies.

If you already have a Google account, you can sign up using it.

The platform foresees the chance to create official accounts for companies. This allows them to advertise their business free of charge or to pay a fee to play the advertisement video before other videos that a users may have chosen. With Youtube a new professional category arose : the “Youtubers”. They regularly create new contents with the aim to increase views and subscribers and then take advantage of that for adverstising or set up partnership.


b.5)  Periscope

Periscope is a Twitter’s Live video streaming app that allow users to broadcast smartphone live videos and even to create a small TV channel where any kind of materials can be uploaded.

Using Periscope is very easy: install the app on your phone, link it to your Twitter Account and start follow people who have already registered.

To start using Persicope it is necessary to give authorizations that are normally asked for on smartphones, like access to camera, microphone and GPS necessary to detect geographical position.

After that, users can broadcast by pressing the camera icon and entering a title.

Periscope also provides some functions for viewers, like writing comments, or adding “hearts” to express the rate of enjoyment.


b.6)  Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a website that allows users to shorten links. Many times it happen to us to share very long link on other social netoworks. Through this webiste you can get a far shorter and more managable link. You do not have to register to be able to use this service, neverthless, by signing up you will be offered additional services like adding tags to your links.