a)    a.1) Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking service nowadays. It was created by Mark Zuckenberg in 2004; it has about 1,6 billion of registered users and is available in 70 different languages. It is completely free and has multiple features that allow users to share news from other webistes, to start a debate, to upload pictures and videos, to chat online with Friends, to create pages, to join existing groups or to create new ones.

 Facebook is also used by many companies to adverstise services and products. By paying a fee, is it possible to better promote own products and carry out marketing campaigns, adressed to specific users categories.

 In addition, more and more companies, after viewing candidates’ CV, are watching candidates’ facebook pages to check their “digital reputation”.

According to a report published on “Il sole 24 ore” issued by Adecco, one of the leading provider of Human Resources solution, about 35% of HR directors state to not have selected candidates because of the contents they had published on the social networks, such as exuberant photos and radical extreme comments.

This is the reason why it is very important to be able to manage at best your own profile and to mantain an excellent “digital reputation”. In order to do that, it is necessary to be familiar with Facebook settings in order to protect users’ privacy.


Sign up

To sign up for Facebook is very easy. Once you have opened Facebook homepage, click on “Sign up” button and enter personal datas like name, last name, date of birth and an e-mail address. After having registered and set up a password you can create your own profile by adding more personal information, profile picture and cover photo and start developing your social network by adding people to the friends list with the aim to exchange messages, also via chat or to get notified when friends publish something on their page.


Profile Management

As previously mentioned, after signing up is it possible to add known people to the friends list and enter additional personal information.

Once you have logged into your account for the first time, Facebook will directly invite you to find your friends on the social network by using your e-mail contacts, i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo.

Afterwards, you will be able to insert personal information like the name of attended university, the city of residence and hometown (all this information will allow Facebook to suggest people you main know and invite you to add them to the friends list).

You can then upload your profile picture that has to be carefully selcted as it will be visible to everyone on the social network, including people outside of our friends list.

 Then you will be able to publish posts, to create photo albums, to join existing groups, to chat with your Friends, to share news and to see all the materials that your friends are publishing.



Privacy is a very core issue. Over the years, rules have been modified by the social network with the purpose of strenghtening users’ privacy. Before 2010 there were no restrictions on “who can see what”. Later on, several security settings have been introduced:

  • Only me: uploaded information, posts and photos can be only seen by the account
  • Friends: uploaded information, posts and pictures can be only seen by friends from the friends
  • Friends of friends: information, posts and pictures that have been uploaded using this setting can be seen both by friends and by friends of
  • Friends and network: information, posts and pictures that have been uploaded using this setting can be seen by friends from friends list and by selected netoworks (i.e., city networks, ).
  • All: uploaded information, posts and pictures can be seen by any person from the
  • Custom: using this setting you can choose who can see what you publish, inlcuding the option to exclude or include



a.2) Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service , created in March 2006 ; It is a personal page upgradeable via text messages with a maximum length of 140 characters ( 120 if you insert a link or an image ) . Status updates can be made via the website, via SMS , with instant messaging programs , e-mail, or through various applications based on Twitter API

Registration https://twitter.com connected on its homepage and click the SUBSCRIBE button! in the right column . Complete the   form    that   opens   with   your information:     required   user   name (Username), password (Password and Confirm Password) and e-mail address (Email Address) .

After writing the words shown in the image , click on the button I accept. Create my account to create the account.


How to publish

After registration , you open the homepage of Twitter thanks to which we can publish our twitt , that is what we are doing . Write what you’re doing in the text field What are you doing ? and click on the Update button to post it.

Each twitt can have a maximum length of 140 characters . The twitt can also be useful to report funny websites or anything there to your mind.

It is customary to use twitt in the third person singular . You’re cooking and you want to let everyone know ? Writing is cooking and click on the Update button. The twitt that are sent are published in your personal page, which has for http://twitter.com/nomeutentescelto address , and visible to anyone who can log in your space on Twitter.

How to follow other Twitt

Simply connected to the personal page which follow on Twitter and click the Follow button under my name. Do the same with all your friends on Twitter beaks.

From this moment, all I publish the people you follow (follow) you will be shown in your personal page. Following a person, becoming one of his followers, and is increased by one the number of your following, that is, people you follow, shown in the right column of your personal page. As soon as your friends follow your twitt, you will receive an e-mail and will be increased the number of your followers, that is, the people who follow you, in the right column of your personal page.

Often you will notice the twitt presenting@username. In this case it is messages addressed to a specific user. For example, if a friend you follow on Twitter if you want to ask him to go out with dinner could write @tuonomeutente asks if tonight will come with him. To answer uses the username of your friend preceded by an at sign.



a.3)  Google +

Google+ is a free social network created by Google Inc. in 2011 ; is a new virtual place where you can stay in touch with their friends , chat with them, share photos, videos and even make group video calls directly from the browser.



The main page has three columns:

  • At the center there are status updates and news published by friends
  • At right there are the avatars of friends and suggestions of people you might know
  • On the left there are the link to their profile page, the link to the welcome page of the social network and the list of their circles of friends.

These are one of the key elements that differentiate Google+ from Facebook . Google+ friends are not all grouped together into one as in Facebook but are divided into circles customizable, so you can decide, from time to time, to those who do see the news , photos and videos you post.



In Google+ there is a bar located in the top of the screen where there are four buttons and a search bar with which you can search for people to register to the service (or holding a Google account). With the four buttons you can access the main Google+ page, the list of pictures posted by your friends (you see all gathered in one place and do not go for profile profile as Facebook), to their profile page and page where you can create and manage the famous circles of friends.

To add new friends to their circles (those for friends, work and family are already created by default), just click on the first circle in which to include the person and then the Add button, a person present in the box that opens. That done, just type the

name or email address of the person to be added to the circle in the text field that appears and that’s it. To save the changes made to the circle, you have to click on the blue Save button, otherwise the newly added friends are not remembered by Google+. To create a new circle, instead, just click on the gray circle with written inside Drop here to create a circle.

Another easy way to find new friends and add them to your circles you travel in the circles of the management page, click on the item and drag Find and Invite your mouse pictures of people find (ie the people we know or we know) in icons of the circles you want to include them.



To update your status in Google+, you can tap the text field located at the top center on the main page of the social networks ( like Facebook ) or click the Share button present in the black bar located at the top of the screen . then you must type your message, and select the people you address it by clicking on + Add more people placed below the text field.

Status updates can be routed to their circles of friends or to individual users. In the first case you just select or type the name of the circle you want to allow the vision of the post, in the second you have to type the name or e- mail address of individuals who address the message.


To add photos , videos and links to your country,   just   use   the appropriate icons in the lower right of the text field . To tag someone in a message , you must write the + symbol followed by the name of the person ( es . + AnnalisaRoma ) and to publish the message, just click the green Share button.


In the top of the screen there is a black bar , the new Google service bar and, when you’re signed up for Google+, in it you will find out notifications to all the activities that your friends will make the new social network ( eg . the comment of a message , adding a photo, etc.). Thanks to this new bar , you can also comment on a friend’s post without connecting to the main page of Google+ but remaining on the Google search engine , Gmail or other Google home sites.



By clicking on your name in the right side of the black bar , you can also edit your profile. In the Google+ profile page, you will find posts written on the social network, their personal information, their photos, their videos, messages on Google Buzz ( Buzz ) and links on pages or items of blogs that have been reported click on the Google +1 button.


Among the most interesting features of Google+ we are also Sparks , that is news that Google will analyze your profile may think interesting about various topics (accessible from the left navigation bar on the home page) , and hangouts , ie the group to chat you can simply join by clicking the green button that appears in the profile friends when participating in a meeting video


To chat with your friends connected to Google+ , you have to click on the button Chat with your friends or Login to this chat at the bottom left of the main page of the social network, and select the person to chat among those available , just like on Facebook.


a.4) Linkedin

Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world, currently working in 200 countries and having more than 400 millios of registered users.

This network was created in 2003 and is headquartered in Paolo Alto (California).

Linkedin is the digital alternative to CV: an online space where users can publish news about their professional status, their education, adquired competences, and previous working experiences.

The company can also advertise jobs and search for potential candidates. Linkedin’s main objective is to connect companies and job seekers users. Besides the main objective, Linkedin can be used with the purpose of staying in touch with colleagues, share¡ing ideas and starting groups debates.

Keep in mind that the Linkedin profile is the first result that comes out when we google our names so it is important to keep the profile updated as much as possible.


Sign up

To sign up for Linkedin, go on the homepage, enter your personal datas (name, last name, e-mail address and password) and click on “Join now” button.

Later on, an automated procedure will guide you through the steps to take to insert all the information that are needed forsetting up a profile.


Profile management

The basic profile has to be enriched with a user’s picture, all the information about educational background, the professional experiences and the competencies that have been adquired over the years. Furthermore, users have the possibility to get in contact with friends and colleagues.

From now on, your profile will be online and you can keep udating it with all the information that you consider useful to seek a job.

You can also view many job vacancies and apply for them.



Linkedin basic privacy settings let users’ profile fully visible to all Linkedin members, as the network mainly amis at helping people broaden their networks. Personal information, like e-mail address and telehpone number will be visible only to the memebrs whose connection inivitation has been previously accepted and that are members of the user’s personal Linkedin network.

Nevertheless, users can change these privacy setting, blocking some users in order to prevent them from having access to their own profile.

To do that, go to “Privacy” on the control panel of your LInkedin page.