Being present in a social network is easy, it’s difficult to keep intact that presence with a good visibility, this requires control.

To do so, we recommend that you follow these rules:

  1. Properly use the lists of friends - an employer not only looks at your Wall and your information, it also analyzes your friends list;
  2. Remove yourself from the results of search of social network or fill them correctly;
  3. Avoid tagging of photos and videos (which can be embarrassing);
  4. Protect your photo albums;
  5. Avoid Wall posts that can be embarrassing;
  6. Use of Internet etiquette;
  7. Keep updated your profile - New professional and academic achievements will be more important if they are properly published in the right This is a big problem, because we’re too busy to update our curriculum;
  8. Expand your network with relevant contacts, this requires being humble, patient and persistent;
  9. Being active, answering questions and Participate, help, show your expertise. Disseminate relevant articles in your network of contacts;
  10. Multiply the opportunities to be found - Leverage your contacts in social networks: “People get a job through other people, not by the ” I tis not enough to have an appropriate profile on social networks. People looking for a job need to be found on the internet. To do so, you must register with the maximum possible social networks and, preferably, participate of them so that your opinions can be seen at the time a recruiter looks for a topic on the Internet;
  11. Adjust your image to the social networks, people often forget that the profile they keep on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social network represents something like a calling Thus, it is unwised to think that a potential employer will not disqualify you because of a racist comment or poor posture when writing a message on Twitter about your current employer. “Whatever you put, streaming solution or comment is being recorded and will be used against you”;
  12. Avoid embarrassing stories to appear in the news feed of your friends;
  13. Show some personality - be too careful in social networks can also be It is not because people should avoid putting compromising photos or inappropriate comments that an employer expects that they are completely silent on social networks. Many times an employer looks for a candidate who is social and outgoing, showing relationship skills and communication. Some companies give priority to people who show some kind of character and leadership, so, be strong, be unique!;
  14. Add to your list of contacts companies in which you would like to