Social networks reveal your personality and your professional attitude, but they can be the success of your career, or rather, the end of it. This requires not making colossal mistakes…

  1. Not having a plan, or, being in networks without purpose;
  2. Despite being free, social networks can cost time and money both for everyday users and businesses not using them The most important step is to determine what is your goal and who you want to reach with this tool;
  3. Getting everything at once - after a strategic plan, it is natural to want to implement all actions at the same time, which ultimately become an Prior to that, do a search to determine which networks that will best achieve your objectives;
  4. Do not measure the return that the investment should return - before you start using, and which will be your goals and how you can monitor traffic on social networks. Most of them have tools to determine the scope of demographic regions and monitor where are the visitors of your profile from and how many hits you’re getting;
  5. Failure to put essential information in the profiles - it is important to complete all information fields in the profiles because they are what define who is found in searches over the Profiles on social networks often provide several fields to include information about the user, photos and logo, etc.. Many users tend to fill only the most important parts and end up leaving the profile incomplete. The more complete your profile is, the greater the chances of being found;
  6. Neglecting the opinions of others - seek to interact with your If you’ve been in a situation where only one person talks and gives no opportunity for others to express themselves, you already know that it is annoying not having the proper attention. In social networks the dynamics are the same: if a user only promotes and does not interact with others, may end up losing followers . So if someone makes a comment on your profile or post something, do not forget to respond;
  7. Remove negative comments or critics - there are users who use social networks to complain on or critics some action or In most cases, the first reaction is to delete the comment and not let the remaining contacts see it. However, when you delete a message, users may understand that’s trying to hide something and pretend to have always show a positive image. Instead of deleting the posts, try to answer them politely and wait also for the defense of other contacts;
  8. If used incorrectly, the networks can also destroy your career - do not delete messages with criticism about yourself, instead try to understand who criticized and why they Convince them to make a post saying exactly the opposite;
  9. Do not worry about the profiles that already exist - do constant searches on the Internet to see where information about you is Did you know that many of the information about you are already on the Internet without you knowing? A simple search can show you Google profile Places, telephone companies and websites with information to contact you. The important thing is to keep these profiles up to date, because even without a website or a profile on social networks, an employer will find it through search engines;
  10. Not having time to update the profiles - building a brand on the Internet takes time and To expand your network of contacts online, you must be prepared to devote a few minutes of your day to update all profiles. If you think you will not have time to update social networks on an ongoing basis, the best thing to do is not start with that strategy now;