TweetDeck is designed to let users create new things they cannot do in the Twitter interface, such as sending the same message to multiple accounts, tracking their recent hashtags, and manage multiple social networking accounts, including Facebook, Foursquare, and of course, Twitter). TweetDeck is an excellent tool for companies. It is particularly useful for managing and organizing Twitter accounts. The possibility of pre-posting is also useful because constant updates are important to build a brand through social networks.

 These are some TweetDeck features that improve Twitter as a more efficient business tool:

  1. Multiple messages to one message: It’s perfect for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) because it enables them to constantly update their account (without manual updating).
  2. Tweet-shrinking: It is useful for people who usually write long TweetDeck help people not to exceed the 140 character limit by substituting words for numbers, shortening words, etc.
  3. TweetDeck Translation: this is a useful tool especially if you do business transactions with other
  4. Keyword Filtering: The TweetDeck search options are better than Twitter functions. You can filter tweets by keyword as well as by source, name and
  5. Integrating Social Media: This is one TweetDeck feature that Twitter must keep. This service lets users manage multiple social networking accounts- such as Facebook and LinkedIn, o n the same site. If Twitter removes this option users will complain.
  6. Desktop Client: The desktop client TweetDeck is attractive, organized and clean.